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Limited Edition Prints

About Limited Edition Prints

A very special and unique collection, these highest quality fine art prints on museum quality archival paper are certain to be a prized possession in your home. All prints are signed and numbered by the artist. Unframed, Shipping and Handling is $15.00. (no enlargement availiable)

Prints may be ordered

by calling the numbers at the bottom of the page.

Jared Coffin House
"Jared Coffin House"
14" x 11" - $80.00

"Nantucket Rose Cottage"
30 1/2" x 22 3/4" - $250.00
Rooftree and Roses
"Rooftree and Roses"
13 1/2" x 11" - Sold Out

"Pleasant Street"
28" x 20 1/2" - $250.00

"Chez Claude Monet"
28" x 20 1/2" - $250.00

"Sconset Serenade"
28" x 20 1/2" - $250.00
Green Shutters
"Green Shutters"
13 3/4" x 21" - $150.00
Madaket Millie's
"Madaket Millie's"
14 1/2" x 11" - $80.00
Victorian on the Green
"Victorian on the Green"
13 3/4" x 21" - $150.00

"Dartmouth Hall"
(Dartmouth College)
22 1/2" x 16 1/2 " - $150.00

"Venetian Cascade"
13" x 11" - Sold Out

"Baker Library"
(Dartmouth College)
22 1/2" x 16 1/2 " - $150.00

Prints may be ordered

by calling the numbers at the bottom of the page.

About the Limited Edition Prints

The William Welch Collection of limited edition prints are of a higher investment value than signed but un-numbered works in lithography. The paper used is acid-free, buffered to withstand aging or deterioration, and has a cotton or linen content referred to as "rag" content. This helps assure archival long life. The heavy rag vellum stock that Mr. Welch uses in his limited editions has an archival rating of at least 300 years. All editions are strictly guarded by the artist, who personally destroys or supervises the destruction of production materials and images of the work. Any prints over the specified number in the edition are destroyed as well. It is not unusual for Mr. Welch to go through many color "proofs" before signing off on the final run. This is your assurance that the reproduction definitely satisfies the artist's goals for color and quality.

All buyers of William Welch Limited Editions receive a place in the Collection Register, their name and address listed next to the number they have chosen Signed and numbered editions are issued in only one size, usually larger than other lithographs, and there will never be any duplication of that image in print except for promotional materials, of course.

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