William Welch

Another Exhibit for the artist in Giverny, France

William Welch's second showing at the Galerie Blanche in Giverny was a successful display for the month of September into October of his recent works in watercolor and acrylics of the "Moods in the Lily Pond". It featured small studies of differing times of day and night of the pond surface of Claude Monet's beloved water lilies. Watercolors rounded out a well-received collection. Also in Welch's fall schedule was a stay on the Seine River with painter friends for a week of travel and painting instruction. Working in his studio in Arles , Bill finished some studies as well of palazzos and canal scenes from his early September visit to Venice Italy . Many of these new works will be seen in the 2017 posting of New Works on this site. Congratulations to the artist on a busy and very productive fall!

Nantucket and Key West artist William Welch
to open at CIRCA Galerie in Arles France.

Nantucket and Key West artist William Welch to open at CIRCA Galerie in Arles France. October 2 is the reception and it will be hanging until the 17th of November.

Located in the Rhone river delta, Arles is an ancient Roman settlement with extensive Roman remains and archeological treasures.

The artists style and palette reflect his impressionist study and pursuit of his love of color, light and moment . Gardens, street scenes and architectural studies are his focus.
This is the artist's second show in Arles where he maintains a small studio steps from the Vincent VanGogh Foundation . (October 7 will witness an exhibit opening with the works of David Hockney at the Foundation).

Welch is primarily a Plein air painter in France , with watercolors of different locales in Arles and Provence. Also featured in the show will be works from Monets famous gardens and lily pond located in Giverny.

Several small canvases of Provence round out Welch's showing.

In Nantucket the artist has his newly installed studio at 5 Easy Street, open seasonally and for the Christmas Stroll. Information at (507)361-3117.

In Key West, William Welch is represented year round by the Fraginpani Gallery at 1102 Duval Street. (305)296-0440.

The artist also regularly has Plein air art excursions to France, Cuba and Mexico.

William Welch is Back at East Street!

The artist is back at 5 Easy Street after a ten year absence!!!

Click here for VIDEO!!

I opened up my first Nantucket gallery in the fall of 1986 at 14 Easy Street. I was there until the fall of 2004. It was a great 18 years and I have so much to be thankful for; a wonderful group of friends, clients, and fellow artists from all over.

Now, after 11 years, I've decided to go back downtown and be "in the mix" if creativity and commerce. The new little gallery is called William Welch Waterside . It's a studio gallery in s humble cottage on the water near Main Street.

You will find me there beginning June 1st and we will be open through the Christmas season. As for the Sconset studio , I'll be a presence there certainly this summer as well with my work and hopefully thereafter with the new gallery owners .

Well, I hope to see you soon this summer!!


Welch gets the Anne McKee Artists Fund Award

I received the Anne McKee artists Fund Award for outstanding contribution to the Fund and to the keys arts community. The art auction preceded this award and raised a lot of bucks for the artists and funding for new artists in visual and performing and writing ( seed money in special projects ).
I have been with this group for 20 years. Thanks Key West and Anne McKee Artists Fund.
From the heart

Arles, France

"An American in Provence"

This last October 5th, Bill debuted a one-person show in Arles France, the culmination of several stays in province over the last few years.  It featured 55 of his pastels, watercolors and oils all of subjects in southern France and Arles in particular.

The CIRCA gallery in Arles hosted the opening and over twenty of the artists' friends and family from the USA were in attendance.

The paintings were almost all done on location there and remained displayed through November. Sales were strong; especially satisfying were the French art buyers selections.  "I was so pleased with the reception and comments about my work from the Arles residents," says Bill. "It is truly humbling to be in Van Gogh country, working and painting with scenes he painted or may have appreciated ."

Bill has a solid representation now in France and a second show is planned for spring in 2015, likely in May . "I am thrilled to be part of the scene in France and really have felt drawn to Arles and the surrounding area.  It has been a goal for a long time to work and live part time in France!"

Vive la France!

Bil and the Anne McKee Fund

Anne McKee Fund Auction

Here is Bill pictured with his contribution to the Anne McKee Fund, an artists' scholarship annual gala auction to help up and coming visual artists with grants. entitled "Morning on the Myakka River"' , it was the highest bid and sold item of 60 local contributing artists' pieces. This is consistent with his previous years' contributions - indeed every year for nearly twenty auctions - in that it was in the upper three to five highest bids. Last year, a piece in oil "Afternoon at the Armory" fetched a record $7500. for the organization. William Welch contributes to a myriad of fund-raising efforts in the communities of Key West and Nantucket. Says the artist , "This is my contribution. It's a gift to pass on to help worthwhile causes, because my art is a gift to me. " Organizations Bill has given work for major fund-raisers include: The American Red Cross, Wounded Warriors (VA), Sister Season in Key West, Anne McKee Scholarship Fund, American Cancer Society, Cancer of the Keys, Aids Help Key West, Nantucket Aids Network, and many art groups and churches.

The Artist in the News

Bill Painting in Nantucket

Here's Bill enjoying his Plein Air Painting this September, 2012, in Nantucket on Main Street capturing the whaling mansions of the early 1800s.



Bill's Palette

The Artist in the News

Bill has had a very active couple of years. Now in his fifth season in the "Sconset location on Nantucket Island, he continues to paint and teach in the summers there. Come November, he will wind his way down the coast in the old red van and spend another winter in Key West. Another active winter is planned . . .two one-man shows. One in January at Stone Soup Gallery and antoher in April at the Frangipani Gallery. Both shows will feature his Key West paintings as well as international new works from Cuba and southern France.
Speaking of Cuba, Bill has a trip planned for artists and companions through a cultural visa program. It will occur Janurary 18-25th with four days in the sourthern coastal region and followed by three days in Havana. For those interested, please email Bill at: whwelch@williamwelchgallery.com. He will be happy to send you the itinerary and details of this exciting trip. DO NOT DELAY as this trip is only for 24-26 individuals and will likely fill up quickly.
Bill's last trip was to the south of France, where he rented an apartment through Key West friends who live there when not in Key West. It was a great location in Arles, and the artisit in him came to the forefront as he traced the steps and locales of Vincent Van Gogh. Bill finished out the trip in Honfluer in Normandy reconnecting with his time there in the late nineties and with dear friends.
Bill has received honors from the Artist Assoc. of Nantucket this past year. The 2011 C. Robert Perrin AWS Outstanding Watercolorist Award and on the heals of that, the 2012 Pat Gardner Plein Air Artist of the Year. Next Spring, Bill plans to return to Arles for two months and will work on pieces for a planned late September show at a local gallery which will stay up throughout the holidays. More on that later.
If you have any plans to go to the south of France next April or May and would like to have a painting session(s) with the artist, contact him and he will happily arrange it. More news to come. Have a great Fall everyone!

Update to Private Cultural Exchange and Painting Workshop
In Cuba with William Welch

Bill Welch here to remind you of our fabulous Cuba Trip planned for the 21st-28th of January, 2013!  We need by mid- September to have deposits in. We have several now, and I am confident we will fill the quota of 24.  So, please let me know if you are still interested and I will resend itinerary and prices to you.
Also, I want to organize a painting trip next spring in late April to the south of France.  Based in Arles, the ancient Roman Settlement, we will paint where Van Gogh created his masterworks: Arles, St. Remy, Aix-en-Provence, Les Baux, and so on.  No plan specifically until I see if I can get at least 10-12 interested artists.  We will paint EVERY DAY so please think about it.  I will arrange accomodations in our Arles base. 
Hope you are well and painting,
Bill  508-361-3117

Private Cultural Exchange and Painting Workshop
In Cuba with William Welch

To My Fellow Artists and Friends of Artists:
Hola, Amigos and Amigas! It's finally happening -- our wonderful planned painting trip to Cuba has been tentatively planned and the draft itinerary is attached. We will begin by flying into Trinidad on the southern coast, where we will stay for four days at a beautiful beach resort and investigate the two colonial towns of Trinidad and Cienfuegos. Both offer opportunities galore for paintings and drawings, not to mention the mountain views and beachscapes surrounding our hotel. There will be opportunities to visit local botanical gardens and other side trips, for painting or just for fun. I will be your instructor and guide and will help you with any media you care to bring, sketching or painting. I will also have limited supplies to supplement what you have brought with you. We will also have three days and three nights in beautiful and vibrant Havana -- Cuba's colorful capital in a constant state of change and renaissance. Four centuries of cultural and architectural influence await you here, in Hemingway's paradise. We will also have the rare chance to visit fabulous art collections of the Cuban state. Please take a look at the attached itinerary, and, if it is of interest to you, let me know by email and I will send you further information and pricing. Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to call me at 508-361-3117. Keep in mind that we need to commit to this trip by the end of September, so please get back to me as soon as possible. (Note that I will be out of the country from August 16 to 26, but will be monitoring my emails - my email is: whwelch@williamwelchgallery.com). This will be an incredibly exciting trip that we will never forget in the bonds of artistic pursuit, friendship, and fun. Best wishes, & keep painting -- Bill Welch

Wounded Warriors Auction
"Wounded Warriors" Auction and Drive in Key West.
William Welch's print of the Rambo Rooster brought $425.00!!

New show "Fair and Square" - Thursday January 5th from 5-9

Well-known Key West artist and painting teacher William Welch returns to Stone Soup Gallery, 802 White Street, with his new show "Fair and Square" on Thursday January 5, 2012 from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. He will be exhibiting his new works in oils and acrylics. You are invited to come and meet the artist and see his mostly square and multiples of square format works of our fair Key West houses, streets and gardens. Added to these his favorite subjects are new sunset sky scenes so familiar and stunning of our skies here. There is also new pieces from his trips to Venice and Provence.
Welch's technique and palette recall the impressionist movement of the late 19th century here and in Europe. A well-traveled and avid outdoor painter, he has a wide variety of subjects dealing with sunlit streets, architecture and gardens. Many awards and memberships in painting clubs are credited to Welch, and his works are in corporate and private collections alike, including the US State Department's "Art in Embassies" Program . He was honored along with other American artists in the program by President Clinton and Sec'y Warren Christopher in Washington DC.
One of Key West's iconic art figures for over 25 years, William Welch has contributed tirelessly to local auction benefits, fund-raisers and other community efforts for as many years. Please join the artist for a reception and chat over refreshments on Thursday January 5th. For information please call Stone Soup Gallery at (305)294-2080.

Fair and Square

William Welch begins thirtieth year as Nantucket artist

This year marks the thirtieth season of Nantucket artist William Welch's painting, teaching and exhibiting on Nantucket Island. Many islanders and visitors will remember his first years with Gallery One on Candle Street owned by Robert and P.M. Wilson. From 1982 to 1986, Welch's watercolors were widely collected as his depictions of island streets and architectural details made for a unique body of work. In 1886, he opened his own named studio at 14 Easy Street and became one of Nantucket's principal artists. He travelled extensively in the "off-season" visiting and painting in France, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, and recently in Cuba under a special cultural visa. His final year on Easy Street was 2004, thereafter he was represented by the Brigham Galleries on Main Street and later on Center Street. In 2008, he opened a studio at One New Street in 'Sconset. This marks his fourth year in that location. He begins this season with a showing of new works at the Nantucket Wine Festival, May 18th to May 22nd, at the three tasting events. www.nantucketwinefestival.com. Opening weekends beginning Memorial Day, he invites you to come and see his new collection of Nantucket and Sconset scenes. "The roses are always in bloom at the William Welch Studio," quips the artist. For information you can call him at (508)361-3117.

"SOUVENIRS", An exhibition of New Works
by Key West Artist William Welch
in Oil and Watercolor
Opens at Frangipani Gallery,
Wednesday, January 5th from 5-9PM.

A show of recent works featuring Key West, Cuba and Mexico by Key West artist William Welch will open at Frangipani Gallery, 1102 Duval Street. The public is invited to meet the artist and view a variety of oil and watercolor paintings including Havana’s Spanish Colonial architecture, Mexico’s doorways, and Key West’s classic icon structures. The show runs through January 15th.

Artist William Welch has been involved in the local art scene for over 30 years. With many collectors here and abroad, he spends the winter in Key West painting and teaching privately and through the program at The Studios of Key West.

Welch has had 14 solo shows and is best remembered as a prominent artist at Gallery on Greene for ten years. As a contributing artist to the "Art in Embassies" program sponsored by the United States Department of State, his works have graced embassy offices including Moscow. He is recognized in art publications such as "The Best in Oil painting" by Rockport Publications and is in the archives of the Foundation Claude Monet at Giverny, France.

Welch's style and palette are reminiscent of the 19th-century impressionists: in fact, he travels extensively in Europe and the Carribean painting open-air on the spot. His technique makes use of the broken-color application of pigments with small strokes favored by the impressionists. His six-color palette duplicates those of Claude Monet.

The artist is also a member of several art clubs; among them, the Copley Society of Boston, The Philadelphia Water Color Society (signature member) and the Artists Association of Nantucket. The island of Nantucket has been his summer home for thirty years, and he has had his own studio there since 1982. For further information and images of the artist's work you are invited to go the gallery website: frangipanigallery.com or call the gallery (305)296-0440.

AAN 27- year member artist and past president William Welch has started a new venture in Provincetown with a Key West friend and watercolor artist Sean Callaghan. Bill is busy organising the new space, dubbed the Callaghan-Welch Studio, with a handfull of oil paintings and local scenes in watercolor. The space is part of an artist complex at 237 Commercial Street in the Whaler's Wharf second floor. There are several other galleries in the building and Bill says there is much friendly interchange and he feels most welcome. He has maintained an off-season studio in North Truro since 2003, which he uses in the fall and spring before the trip to Key West where he shows in a local gallery called Stone Soup, and teaches through the winter as welll. Bill will return to Nantucket in late June for the season.

"Taking It To The Street"

It was a festive gathering of friends and clients at Square One Restaurant on Monday, March 23rd, to see Bill's new collection of small watercolors and some oils of Key West from this winter's season. The show was a success and paintings that remain can be seen in the 2009 section.
As of March 28th, Bill has joined the stable of wonderful artists of Stone Soup Gallery and Frame Shop on 802 White Street (305)296-2080.
A solo show is planned for Feb. 18th, 2010 at this gallery during the "Walk on White - 3rd Thursday." Meanwhile, Bill returns to his studio in Nantucket and looks forward to seeing his friends and clients this summer season.

Couple Successful Bidders of
"Sorting Tobacco Leaves"

Pictured with Debbie and Peter Batty, the artist, William Welch, (right) congratulates them on their purchase of his Cuban piece entitled "Sorting Tobacco Leaves," in the Pinar del Rio area of western Cuba. The Batty's were the successful bidders at the Annual Hot Havana Nights Gala to benefit the Tropical Gardens of the Key West Botanical Society and was held at the Marriott Resort Beachside, Key West, Florida, on Saturday, February 7, 2009.

Photo courtesy of Martha Robinson.

William Welch – A New Start on New Street!

Close to Pump Square in ‘Sconset, William Welch is opening a summer studio on the island of Nantucket, June 1st. Located at One New Street in the same building as artist Barbara Kauffman-Locke, Welch’s studio will be a painting venue as well as an opportunity to display new works, some of which have recently been posted on his website at: www.williamwelchgallery.com. He will be available for private painting lessons in the lovely ‘Sconset scene until October, and has plans to teach weekend seminars through the Artists’ Association of Nantucket. His works can also be seen and purchased at several restaurants: The Summer House Inn in ‘Sconset, The Ship’s Inn and 20 Fair Street Bistro (both on Fair Street downtown), Cioppino’s on Broad Street, and he will have paintings and small items for gifts at three locations on the wharf: Capizzo Gallery on South Wharf, Leslie Lindsley and European Traditions.
Other activities of the artist include a recent salon show in Key West, Florida at the McKibben Studios at 1111 Duval Street, which was a nice success and a healthy turnout. You can click on the link: www.Mckibbengalleries.com for a look at the artist’s Key West’s work. A show next year and teaching will be scheduled in the Old Town also. This new association after 11 successful years at the Gallery on Greene Street promises to put Welch in closer contact with the public and patrons new and continuing alike.
A very special trip to the Napa Valley brought William face to face with one of the painted and beautiful regions of the U.S.. Aside from the culinary treats, connections with friends and lots of wine sampling, the artist visited his niece, hubby and new baby in lovely Benicia, California – a former and first Capitol of the state in the early 1850’s. Lots of charming Victorians and Napa scenery will materialize in future works, no doubt!
This October perhaps into November, Welch plans to return to Italy and of course – Paris and Province. He has never painted much of the Fall in that region of the world and is very excited at the prospect. We will keep you posted on the next phase!! Stay well and stay in touch.

William Welch Gallery Opening For Its Second Season

Opening for its second season, the new William Welch Gallery at 11844 S.E. Old Dixie Hwy. in Hobe Sound, features works by the artist/owner that embody the spirit, the 19th - century plein-air tradition, and, indeed, the delightful palette of the painters of that era. Says the artist- "Paint in tubes was a new concept in the late 1800's. And, being expensive, many outdoor painters like Claude Monet gleaned a beautiful mixing palette of just five or six colors. I use those same colors. I had no idea my colors were almost identical to the master's until I read a letter he send to an agent in response to requests from enamoured art-lovers."
Scenes of France, Italy, Cuba, Key West and Mexico adorn the walls of Welch's gallery as well as in Taste Restaurant down the road nearby at 11750 S.E. Dixie Hwy.
Welch is equally at ease with water colors as he is with oils and acrylics, and visitors will find business-card-sizes miniatures and 9-foot oil murals hanging together. While an opening reception is planned in mid-February, the gallery is open noon to five daily, except for Wednesday and Sunday, beginning January 4th. The artist can be found working in the gallery most days or can be contacted for appointments at 772-546-7801.
William Welch earned his fine art degree in painting at the Ohio University and further studied at the Philadelphia College of Art. He has studied also abroad and with prominent artists in the states. He now splits his time between his Hobe Sound studio and one on Nantucket Island off Cape Cod. He is an honored member of the U.S. Dept. of State "Art in Embassies Program", the Copley Society of Boston, the Philadelphia Water Color Society, the Lyme Art Association, and teaches private and group painting seminars, usually our-of-doors.

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