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Giclee Editions on Watercolor Paper

About the Giclee Prints on Watercolor Paper
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Unframed - rolled in tubes - prices are in parenthesis indicated below.
Shipping and postage additional charges

One of the first American artists to use this advanced technology called Giclee Iris,
each print is color-remarqued by the artist, so no two are alike.

All editions are done to order, so please allow 4-6 weeks delivery.

Giclee Editions may be ordered
by calling the numbers at the bottom of the page.


Vive La Liberation!
"Vive La Liberation!"
11" x 15" - $325.00 ($120.00)


Living It Up At LaTeDa
"Livin' It Up At LaTeDa"
12" x 18" -$425.00 ($275.00)
(Available also on canvas)


The Gardens Hotel
"The Gardens Hotel"
20" x 27" - ($475.00)
15" x 21" - ($325.00)


Rainbow's Return
"Rainbow's Return"
12" x 16" - $325.00 ($125.00)


Party at the Cemetery
"Party at the Cemetery"
10" x 30" - ($475.00)
(Available also on canvas)


Summer Dreams
"Summer Dreams"
12" x 16" -$325 ($125.00)

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Watercolor Giclee Print on Actual Textured Watercolor Rag Paper
$30.00 Shipping and Handling plus tax if applicable.


Flowers on Chestnut Street
"Flowers on Chestnut Street"
12" x 16" -$325 ($125.00)



Three Flags on Main Street
"Three Flags on Main Street"
12" x 16" -$325 ($125.00)



The 1753 Cottage
"The 1753 Cottage"
12" x 16" -$325 ($125.00)


Lower India Street

"Lower India Street"
12" x 16" -$325 ($125.00)


Good Morning, Orange Street
"Good Morning, Orange Street"
12" x 16" -$325 ($125.00)

Giclee Editions may be ordered

by calling the numbers at the bottom of the page.

About Giclee Prints on Watercolor Paper

In Mr. Welch's new series, of Giclee Iris prints, there are a number of advantages to the investment buyer. These are very much state-of-the-art reproductions. Actual 100% rag watercolor papers used for each print, recreating the texture of an original artwork. And, while most publishers of iris prints use inks whose color permanence is not assured, the publisher of the Giclee iris prints in the William Welch Collection has developed patented proprietary inks which have been tested by their creator with rapid-aging laser light exposure. They are certified to match the archival stability and permanence of original artists pigments that Mr. Welch user. The richness, depth and transparency of these inks gives the print heretofore unattainable quality practically indistinguishable from Mr. Welch's original paintings.

All paper Giclees are on heavy rag paper with white borders. All prints are coated for U/V and stain protection. Framing available by quote on all items. Please contact the gallery at 508 257-4464 or email

Directly computer-scanned and digitally-generated signed and numbered reproductions
of Mr. Welch's largest paintings create heretofore unattainable color density and detail.

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